Schwarze M5000 Series

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Schwarze M5000The Schwarze Model M5000 is a heavy duty, chassis-mounted broom sweeper with a 5 cubic yard capacity. It's basic design has had over 25 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world. The M5000 is suited for a wide range of sweeping applications, from routine street cleaning to heavy duty sand clean-up. Cities and towns favor the M5000 sweeper because of its capability to sweep varying conditions regardless of curb configuration or street contour.

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Elgin Eagle

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Elgin Eagle If you need a proven broom sweeper with high dump capability, superior operator comfort and safety at highway transport speed, the Elgin Eagle is the solution. With it's exclusive No Jam conveyer, wide sweep path, and trouble-free lift mechanism, the Eagle provides unequaled productivity in a variety of applications, including road construction and resurfacing.

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Johnston 605 Series

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Johnsont 605The 605 has earned a worldwide reputation for providing unbeatable performance with a powerful suction system and superior cleaning capabilities on uneven road surfaces. Three independently controlled sweeping components vacuum away the most stubborn roadside debris, including bricks, rocks, dirt, gravel and leaves without a trace left on the roadway.

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Truck Mounted Attenuators

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Truck-MountedAt Elgin Sweeping Services, we have many trucks mounted with Safe-Stop attenuators. These attenuators are designed to reduce the severity of accidents and crashes that can occur in work zones. Our attenuators meet all NCHRP 350 TL-3 requirements for 100 km/h (62 mph) impacts. Our Safe-Stop TMA is only 3.98 m (13'2'') long yet it protects against very high speed impacts.

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Water Flusher Truck

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Water Flusher TruckKeeping the ground wet prior to sweeping is a key component of environmental dust control. Elgin Sweeping accomplishes that by not only equipping its sweepers with water sprays, but by providing water flusher trucks when needed. These vehicles hold in excess of 3,500 gallons of water, and, through their high pressure pumps, deliver it to sweeping surfaces at pressures in excess of 100psi.

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Snow Plows

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Snow PlowsElgin Sweeping works hard to meet your year round environmental needs. To assist you during the winter months we maintain a fleet of snowplow equipped pickup trucks. These vehicles can be dispatched on a moments notice around the clock to help keep your roads, garage entrances, and parking lots snow free.


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