Johnston 605 Series

Johnsont 605The 605 has earned a worldwide reputation for providing unbeatable performance with a powerful suction system and superior cleaning capabilities on uneven road surfaces. Three independently controlled sweeping components vacuum away the most stubborn roadside debris, including bricks, rocks, dirt, gravel and leaves without a trace left on the roadway.

At the touch of a button the pneumatically controlled vacuum nozzle tilts to accommodate large objects and bulky material such as bottles and cans. The counterbalanced catch basin cleaner rotates a full 360º around the vehicle and is ideal for cleaning catch basins or between parked cars.

The 605 is designed for efficient and maintenance free operation. Tapered vacuum nozzles eliminate air turbulence by placing suction at the curb side, where you need it. A weatherproof control systems locker groups all hydraulic, pneumatic, and water control solenoids in a central location. Cab controlled variable gutter broom speeds accommodate varying sweeping conditions and prolong brush life, while a patented automatic lock up device keeps the brooms safe in transport mode. The patented Johnston impeller transmission system eliminates belts, pulleys, and clutches to reduce maintenance requirements and maintain consistent suction power throughout the life of the unit. This ingenious system allows the auxiliary engine to run at much lower rpm than conventional sweepers without compromising suction performance. In addition, service life is extended and fuel consumption is reduced when compared to similar sweepers.

***Information provided by the Johnston Sweeper Company

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