Schwarze M5000 Series

Schwarze M5000The Schwarze Model M5000 is a heavy duty, chassis-mounted broom sweeper with a 5 cubic yard capacity. It's basic design has had over 25 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world. The M5000 is suited for a wide range of sweeping applications, from routine street cleaning to heavy duty sand clean-up. Cities and towns favor the M5000 sweeper because of its capability to sweep varying conditions regardless of curb configuration or street contour.


Contractors find the M5000 to be very cost-effective to operate, and the M5000 has become U.S. contractors' top choice for use behind milling machines. The sweeper is able to handle tough jobs with relative ease, and do at speeds of up to 15 mph. Because the M5000 is mounted on a standard production chassis, traveling to and from jobs sites is done quickly as well as economically. Highway Departments are pleased at the wide 10 ft. sweeping path, and the way the M5000's easy-to-use controls make operator training quick and effortless. Perhaps the biggest advantage with the M5000 sweeper is it's capability of cleaning heavy debris areas. Whether following behind a milling machine or cleaning up sand after a snow storm, the M5000 mechanical broom sweeper provides a world of cleaning power.

M5000The Schwarze M5000 is available with a high-dumping hopper and can be mounted onto either a conventional or a cabover chassis. The M5000 offers an extremely rugged, simplistic design, ideal for use in a wide variety of demanding road sweeping applications, from road sweeping to cleaning up behind milling machines. In 1998, the M5000 was outfitted with many new, innovative design enhancements designed to make its operation even more easy and reliable, and at the same time save owners both time and money.

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